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I'm happy to announce my patented SandTrap Architectural Speaker Tuning System.
This is a unique audio solution that "Rescues the premium custom in-ceiling/in-wall speaker performance you paid for."
Check it out @  SandTrapAudio.com.
Ed's AV Handbook
Saving the world from poor fidelity.

HDMI 2.1 Gateway or Barricade
Most folks won't give HDMI cables much thought; until they install their new 4K TV and 4K media streamer and get a blank screen.
Ultimately they discover they have to set the streamer's video resolution to downgraded 1080 resolution to get a picture on their new 4K TV.
Why did this happen?  The most probable problem is their HDMI cable.  Select this What Hi*Fi Link.
They explain why and how to open the HDMI 2.1 gateway
I Don't Get It
Quantum Dots
The first Samsung quantum-dot TV has arrived. 
Their S95B QD OLED TV takes the lead in television technology. 
It sells for less than their current top OLED & LCD models.
But they're giving it second billing. 
And Samsung refers to the S95B as simply an OLED TV.
Why wouldn't you lead your promotion with your best product? 
I don't get it.  Select this TWICE link for the details.

Hey Glen, check this out

Split Wheel Bicycle
An engineer with too much time on his hands designed a functional bicycle with a back wheel split into two half wheels.
Got the picture? No, select this Modern Met link to view his customized ride in motion.

Sennheiser ear buds
In the early 1970s, I studied while listening to the Doors, Led Lepplin, The Buffalos Springfield, POCO via my $40.00 Sennheiser
open-air light-weight headphones.  A cool audio innovation in their day.  Today many of you will appreciate my current gray-haired scene.  I'm streaming NCIS or Brisco County Jr., and my wife asks me to turn down the volume .... again.

Can Sennheiser's new $400 wireless TV Clear earbuds save the day? The volume level is independent of the TV or other audio sources.  The earbuds let in outside sound, which allows for conversing with others, a crucial couples feature.  And they offer five speech clarity levels with up to 20 dB amplification. 
Select this techradar link for the details.
Wait, maybe I can just use my old $40.00 Sennheisers ... if I can find them.
MIT Paper-thin Speaker

MIT Speaker

MIT has introduced a paper-thin speaker that is entirely different from a planar speaker such as Magnepan or electrostatic such as the Quad. They did not use stators or magnets.  Instead, MIT employed the principle of piezoelectric.  The speaker relies on a specially-treated piezoelectric film/membrane of tiny domes.  It does not vibrate forward and backward as a whole. Alternating-voltage squeezes/releases the tiny domes.  For more information, select this Link to Audioholics.com.

Driver-less Eighteen Wheeler
Start Your Engines

Driver-less eighteen wheeler

You're driving on a highway as you pass a driver-less eighteen wheeler. 
I've seen this scene in a movie somewhere.
But this will become a Texas reality.
Prepare for this sighting between Fort Worth and Dallas.
Select this TechRadar.com link for the story.

End Of A TV Era

Cartoon TV
Samsung makes it official.
We knew this was coming.
They have ended LCD production,
Select this LINK to Twice for the story.
FB Meta
Meta/Facebook Reality Labs, due to billions of dollars in losses, halts the development or production of AR (augmented reality) glasses, the Portal video display, and smartwatch.  The tech products are key parts of their Web 3.0 and retail store plans.
Check out the story at MediaPost.

The Web 3.0 Metaverse

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 Metaverse sites may become the decentralized 'digital channel of distribution' for creators & users, buyers & sellers,
media & viewers/listeners.  An infrastructure built on Internet-of-Things tech plus Ethereum blockchain, Ether cryptocurrency, Pancakeswap trading networks, Secretum messaging, DTube video streaming, Filecoin cloud storage, and Everledger private blockchain apps.
Check out this story at Amplifty.Nab.

The Delorean Motor Company returns from the grave with an electric automobile.
Will this new 21st Century EV model still follow the white line?
Select this tom' guide link for the story.

Comic Angel Wings
Danny O'Keefe's 1970s song "Angel Spread Your Wings" goes cosmic. 
Angle wings emerged from a gigantic collision in the Leo constellation.
Select this LiveScience Link for the story.

Reset Your Clock
Analog Clock
It has been 70 years since the length of a second has been updated.  That may change soon. You can think of this proposed change as equivalent to having a ruler with tick marks ever millimeter, as opposed to a stick that measures just 1 meter.
Check out this LiveScience link for the story.
HDMI Slippery Slope
HDMI Plug & Jace

The bottom line of this DPL Labs story is to proceed with caution.  This issue can sting you.  Most 8K HDMI interconnects are not delivering 8K bandwidth.  Therefore if you purchase an 8K TV, prepare for near future cable upgrades.  Select this LINK to CEPro for the story.

ATSC 3.0 NextGenTV Mobile Illustration

A NextGenTV ATSC 3.0 "cellular-phone-type" system for automotive applications successfully tested.  This system will deliver back-seat broadcast TV entertainment and data services.  NextGen is poised to offer a plethora of home and mobile applications. 
TVTechnology.com has the story.

The Hadron Collider, the world's largest, wakes up after a three-year nap.
First up, Why are all neutrinos so far southpaws? 
And is this question just another example of right-hand bias?
Select this LiveScience link for the story.
5G and NextGenTV have dominated the news media attention.
But what about fiber?  Thousands of miles of fiber optic cable lay beneath our neighborhoods.
Google Fiber is going old-school door-to-door sales to hook up homes.
FIERCE Telecom has the story.

SpinLaunch Launch Pad
SpinLaunch will launch a NASA Satellite via their giant kinetic circular accelerator.
It's sort of a high-tech discus throw.  Select this ZDNET link for the story.

3,200 Undeveloped Film Rolls
Charlie Daniels

Why does Charlie Daniels own thousands of never seen undeveloped rock-n-roll photos?
The photos include Rod Stewart, Jimi Hendrix, Steven Tyler, Grateful Dead, Chicago, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Fleewood Mac,
The Allman Brothers, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Peter Wolf, Sly and the Family Stone, and many more.
Select this PetaPixel.com link for the story.

Immersive 360° Paper Speaker
Immersive 360° Paper Spk.
A typical home-theater surround sound set-up includes five to seven combinations of floor-standing, book-shelf, or in-ceiling/in-wall speakers.
This story from OLDNWISE.com reveals a single thin, lightweight 360° surrounding-printed paper speaker.
Select this LINK for the story.

Open Reel Tape Recording
There's a surprising growing interest in analog open reel tape recording.
Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound has responded with a primer on reel-to-reel recording.
Select this LINK for the story.

TV, Internet, 5G Single Set-top Box
ATSC 3.0 Eye
Evoca TV demonstrated ATSC NextGenTV over-the-air and Internet-delivered programming, plus business data-casting via simultaneous transmission of two descrete broadcast streams with on 6MHz channel.
This service dramatically increases the potential number of channels available from over-the-air broadcasters.
Evoca is also planning consumer gear that receives ATSC and 5G.  Select this TVTech link for the story.
Qualcomm Snapdragon Module
Qualcomm has unveiled their Snapdragon modules that connect laptop & desktop computers to 5G networks.
Select this TechRadar link for the story.

Tacos, BBQ, Vinyl LPs, & The Food Truck

Kevin Siegel

Veteran Kevin Siegel served in the Marine Corps for 13 years.
He then worked in real estate and other jobs, but his passion lay in classic rock-n-roll vinyl.
This story is about his vinyl LP record shop on wheels.
Maybe this will lead to the return of the HiFi store .... on a trailer.
Select StartNewsOnline.com for the story.

Free Amazon TV?
Razor Blade

Give the razor away to sell the blades.
Offer a free cell phone with a minimum service commitment.
Similarly, a smart TV operating system could lock a consumer to a provider's streaming subscriptions, security services,
plus smart-home Internet-of-things services and devices.  This Media Post story discusses how a free Amazon TV may make this happen.
What is Dolby Vision IQ?

Dobly Vision IQ

Dolby Vision IQ adds two additional HDR features.
Like Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ embedded TV software decodes encoded Dolby Vision metadata.
But IQ add the following functions:

     • IQ Video source dynamic metadata, via a TV light sensor,
       adjusts the picture to the room's ambient lighting.
     • IQ Video source dynamic metadata
       adjusts the TV picture settings in real-time.

The goal, get the best TV picture in any room with the least amount of effort.
Select this TechRadar LINK for more information.
Retire The Satellite?

Orbiting Satellites

Satellites are the backbone of the communication systems.
But TVTechnology.com outlines what may be the 1st step toward reverting to a 1950s-type terrestrial TV distribution model.
Media companies have launched a 5G project that explores how edge computing can enable networks to stream live 4K UltraHD content without satellites  Select this Link for the story.

James Web Telescope

Web Telescope

The Hubble circles the globe.  The James Web circles the Sun.
And its first images, a hundred times more sensitive, are beyond expectations.
It is capturing galaxies for more distant than ever before.
Plus, the James Web reveals more about the nearby universe.
Select this Comos Magazine.com Link for the story.

Samsung, What?
Confused Consumer
What HiFi reports Samsung has announced the debut of their S95B QD-OLED TV.  It has the potential to overtake LG as the leader in TV technology. Yet their announcement gives this QD-OLED TV third billing.  Their 8K QLED LCD TV and LCD "Frame" are their leads in new product announcements. Plus it's hard to find mention of their cutting-edge QD tech on their website. 
((e))coustics.com offers a possible explanation.

Samsung may be using QD-OLED as a placeholder until the release of their QNED technology. QD-OLED uses blue orgainic LEDs to stimulate red and green quantum dots.  QNED tech replaces QD-OLED organic LEDs with brighter longer-life inorganic LEDs.
Samsung's QNED should take the lead until micro-LED arrives.
Select these links to What HiFi & ((e))coustics for more information.

Sony's Message to Samsung
If they don't do it, somebody else will.


Although Samsung may be timid toward mention of their quantum-dot color by blue OLED tech, Sony isn't.
Sony demonstrated their new A95K QD-OLED TV next to their previous flagship OLED TV.
Kate Kozuch @ Twice.com reports that it "..... took on a new dimension of vibrancy and detail I've rarely seen in my days of testing TVs."
Select this LINK for the story.

The TV Antenna
Birds On The Antenna

Big-ticket AV items may steal the custom installation spotlight.
But NextGentTV may revive an almost forgotten small-ticket category, the TV Antenna.
This TVTechnology.com story may lead you back up the ladder to your roof.

Man juggling flame & snow flake
Graphene tech is cool and hot.
Graphene-info.com outlines how a unique technology alternates between harvesting heat and cooling from sunlight. 
Select this LINK for the story.
Are you being watched?

"Paranoia strikes deep. It happens when you're always afraid" -- Steve Stills.
Remote working has opened a lens to your privacy.

But if you know they're watching, then control the input; manipulate what they see. 
So, with Steve Stills in mind, select this ZDNet LINK.
Jeff Boccoaccio's Image
And HDMI interconnect continuity test is not sufficient to predict a 48GHz-UltraHD outcome.
Plus, if longer than 5 meters, passive copper limitations are forcing a move to fiber.
But moving to fiber cable isn't necessarily a slam dunk.
Select this CEPro LINK for the details.

Postive-Feedback Logo
Room Acoustics -- More Science than Art, by Norm Varney of A/V Room Service, delves into small room acoustics.
If you're a budding AV Pro, this is a "The more you know" good read.
Select this LINK to Positive-Feedback.com for the story. 

Ron Popeil
If you're a gray-haired this will take you back. 
Long before Mike Lindell's My Pillow, Ron Popeil and his Chop-O-Matic created the infomercial.
Popeil's legacy lives on.  Select this LINK to NRF.com for the story.
Early Telephone
Antonio Meucci filed for a telephone patent notification in 1871.  He failed to get traction and allowed his notification to elapse.
Alexander Graham Bell's better-timed telephone changed history.  The Metaverse may face a similar Meucci fate.
But change is coming.  And the Metaverse is a signal of that change.  Select this LINK to MediaPost for the story.

Samsung vs Samsung

Tug of war rope
Samsung Electronics is reportedly hoping to acquire QD-OLED panels at the same price as their LG sourced OLED panels.
Samsung Display manufactures the QD-OLED panels.  However, Samsung Electronics versus Samsung Display price negotiations may delay the release of the QD-OLED TVs.  Select this What HiFi Link for the story.
AV Room Service
Editor's Choice Award
Norm Varney's A/V Room Service has received The Absolute Sound's Editors' Choice Award.  It's cool to see good guys get recognized.
This award represents a lifetime dedication to "Saving the world from poor fidelity."  Great job, Norm.  Select this LINK for the story.

Rual Foothill Mountain View
I live in a rural area; no cable service, no over-the-air TV, Internet service is poor.  Even my former satellite service had issues. My 4G cell mobile hot-spot solved my general Internet needs.  But my new low-band 5G service has given me solid access to streaming services that deliver my TV programming plus more at half the price of satellite TV programming.  This NexTV.com story reports on T-Mobile's 5G streaming success.

NextGenTV BitRouter Tuners

NextGenTV Towers
This TV Technology story illustrates NextGenTV's progress.
BitRouter software of La Jolla California integrates ATSC 3.0 NextGenTV platforms for set-top and mobile devices.
Their new TV application ports to any Android device supporting ATSC tuners and Dolby AC-4 certified system on a chip (SoC).
The software allows manufacturers "to target the NextGen opportunity with minimum upfront investment." 
Select this Link for the story.

HDMI 2.1a
HDMI's anniversary highlights Source-Based-Tone-Mapping (SBTM).
SBTM allows the video source HDR data to work (map) with a display's 'Tone Mapping' processor.
The source queries the display's capabilities -- its range of brightness, its color gamut, and other attributes.
SMTM combines multiple HDR components, applies its algorithms,
and sends the result to the display to create a better HDR UltraHDTV experience. 
Select this LINK to CEPro for the story.
Quantum Tech
Quantum technologies will transform communications, artificial intelligence, and screen-free computing in the next decade. As a semi-retired gray-haired AV pro, I am not likely to participate in its business potential.  However, understanding & early implementation of this tech will provide a competitive advantage for the young AV pros in our industry.  Select this LINK to NAB Amplify for the story.

Researchers are paving the way for optically controllable brain-mimicking computers.  They have designed graphene-diamond junctions that can mimic the characteristics of biological synapses and key-memory functions that may enable next-generation image sensing memory devices.  Select this Graphene-info LINK for the story.

Big Gulp
Is it true? Will 7-Eleven deliver big gulps and stale hot dogs to your door?
Select this LINK to dronelife.com for the story.

Chuck Berry
The Atlantic reports how low-risk, safe bet algorithms impede new music's entrance onto the national playback clouds.
They note that new music historically rises from non-mainstream channels of distribution.  The new music emerges from the garages, breweries, hills, deserts, and fruited plains of America.  Risk-avoiding media algorithms are simply blind to new sources of human goose-bumps.  The next musical revolution will arise from yet unknown low-budget risk-taking programmers.  Select this LINK to The Atlantic for the story.
Heads Up
As of January 2022, between 40% and 45% of U.S. households are covered by an ATSC 3.0 NextGenTV signal.
NextGen is averaging 3 market conversions per month.
Led by LG, Samsung, and Sony, against a CTA projection of 800,000, over 3 million sets sold in 2021.
In addition, NextGen may become a nationwide platform, via WiFi, 5G, and DVV satellite, for the automotive industry, government,
smart cities, and IoT (internet of things) manufacturers.  
Therefore, in addition to TV sets, look for a NextGen IoT set-top box, NextGen embedded car dashboards, laptops, iPads, cellphones, and other WiFi connected devices.  
Select this link to TVTech.com for the story.
Graphene replace ITO
Graphene could replace Indium-Tin-Oxide as the transparent electrode layer of OLED TVs.  ITO is brittle, scarce, expensive. 
Graphene is flexible, abundant, and cheap.  Select this LINK to Graphene-info.com for the story.
QD-OLED Structure
Sony's 2022 lineup includes two types of LED TVs, OLED & QD-OLED.  Sony sources OLED panels from LG. 
They source QD-OLED panels from Samsung.  The LG panel color-filters LED light.  The Samsung panel stimulates quantum dots with blue LED light.  It will be interesting to watch the comparisons between sets once they start shipping.  In addition, Samsung Micro-LED TV will also enter the scene in 2022.  Micro-LED eliminates color filtering and quantum dots.  Select this LINK to The Verge for more information.

8K Assoc Certified
UHD 8K TV shoppers will benefit from new 8K Association certification specs. 
Updates include new requirements for 8K streaming, new image metrics, & a game mode.
The 8K Association is also pioneering Ambient Contrast Ratio (ARC) to ensure a good picture in various light conditions.
Eighty 8K TV models are already certified, and more to come.
Check out this story @ TVTechnology.com 

After near evaporation in the 90s, vinyl has made a crazy comeback. 
New-vinyl sales have continually increased for 15 straight years.
Vinyl is the most popular physical music format.
Select this Link to The Hustle for the story.

Marx Bros
Samsung discontinued LCD panel production last year.  Now their QNED cutting edge TV technology is delayed.  In addition, their new
QD-OLED TV may have production issues.  Therefore their 2022 lineup will feature OLED TVs built with LG panels and QD-LED LCD TVs with Sharp LCD panels. Select this WhatHiFi Link for the story.
Drone Filled Sky
How did the public respond to early maned-flight filling the sky? 
Roadways governed horseless and horse-drawn carriage traffic. But the sky? 
Well, air traffic control quelled concerns.  But what about drones? 
Dronelife.com reports on the announcement of a drone-air-space management demonstration.
Select this Link for the story.

Water Into Hydrogen
Is it true? Turn water into wine?  Well no.
It's just a misleading headline. But will hydrogen do? 
An Australian company and the University of Adelaide's thermo-photocatalysis process uses the sun's radiation
and thermal properties to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. 
Select this Link to GrapheneInfo.com for the story
Bigger Picture
Reminiscent of 1980s rear-projection TV sales, manufacturers are again competing with screen size. 
An industry analyst reports that 75 inch-plus models grabbed 14.6 percent market share.
LG has shown a 97-inch OLED TV, while Samsung offers their 99-inch micro LED. 
It appears we're heading toward 100-inch sets. 
Select this LINK to What Hi*Fi for the story.
Neil Young
Neil Young's solo career rebooted with his first exit from Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young in 1970. 
A bootleg of a solo concert appeared in many record stores. I still have my copy.
Analog Planet.com reviews the official release of his 1970 Carnegie Hall performance.
The song list includes Down by the River, Cinnamon Girl, Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing,
and many other Young classics.  Select this Link for the story.
Bionic Glove
Bionic gloves allow a world-renowned pianist to play again.
This story at GQ.com reveals how high-tech and music joined hands.
Select this Link for the story.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney cherry picked a bunch of artists to rethink the songs of his most recent record, McCartney III Imagined.
The bunch includes Beck, Radioheads Ed O'Brien, Anderson Paak, Robert Naja.
Select this AudiophileReview.com link for the the story.

Bionic Woman
A French team has built a prototype graphene artificial neuron. 
The aim is to prove that this system can learn and implement algorithms to serve as the basis for electronic memories.
Select this Graphence-Info.com link for the story.
Wireless delivery of power to drones while in flight.
Bluetooth & WiFi may transmit data. 
This wireless technology delivers power
Select this link to dronelife.com for the story.

George Harrison
All things must pass, and he did.  But George Harrison's music lives on. 
Jim Potts where are you?  I always enjoy your audible musings on Harrison's gift, craft, genius.
Select this Link to Stereophile's review of the Golden Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of All Things Muss Pass.

Sennhieser Wireless HdPH
As a gray-haired listener, this announcement caught my attention.  I bet you have customers and friends who can benefit from the digital processing and well-thought-out convenience of these wireless headphones.  Select this WHAT HI*FI link for the story.
Home theater icon Sam Runco speaks at Azione Unlimited Nashville meeting.
Select this Link to CEPro for the story.

Micro-LED TV

Micro-LEDs are nearly invisible to the naked eye.  Micro-LED TVs, ranging from 81 inches to a wall-sized 1000 inch TV, promise up to 5000 nits of brightness, blowing past the brightest OLED and exceeding LCD sets.  Given an LED can produce absolute black, Micro-LED will achieve new levels of contrast ratio.  Select the following Tom's Guide Links for more information.
NextGen Set Top Box
NextGen is coming.  This set-top box deliver over-the-air NextGen broadcast & Internet streaming. 
Get ready to install roof-top antennas.  Select this Fierce Video link for the story.
Internet via TV ant
Akamai Technologies predicts NextGenTV over-the-air broadcast delivery of Internet audio & video content to homes and mobile devices. 
Akamai is one of the world's largest content delivery networks.  Check out this story @ tvtech.com.
This story brings back memories for this gray-haired hot dog eater.
Little Oscar's Wienermobile visit to our elementary school.
The rush to claim the Wiener-whistle included in the hot dog package.
Little Oscar's frequent appearances on L.A.'s noon-time Sheriff John show.
Select this Link for this c|net story.

I know, who knew any were still lit?  
This story from HACKADAY.com explains why any were still up.

The security industry is pressuring AT&T to postpone the shutoff of the 3G cellphone network. 
They are asking for more time to convert their fire alarm and intrusion systems based on 3G.
Select this Link to CEPro for the story.
Well before Cheech & Chong's 1st movie performance, cruising was a teenage weekly Friday night pilgrimage.
Audiophile Review.com has reviewed the Record Store Day release of Lowrider Love.
It includes classics such as War's 1975 Lowrider, plus 1960's Doo Wop, soul & rock.
Turn off the TV, jump in your car, roll the windows down, and insert your 8-track tape.
Then a take a slow main street ride.  Select this LINK for the story. 
Soundproof Screw
This simple spring-loaded screw adds 9db of sound reduction to a typical sheetrock wall. 
This corresponds to halving loudness.  Check out this story at Interesting Engineering.com.
The University of Bath has developed a graphene oxide-polyvinyl alcohol aerogel that reduces aircraft engine noise by up to 16 decibels.
Its future use may include soundproofing a home theater or home music room.  Select this LINK to Graphene-info.com for the story.
Jeff Boccaccio
Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs outlines how HDMI devices
such as active cable may be getting some assistance.
Select this Link to CEPro for the story.

Chris Hillman
Chris Hillman is a legendary musician.  I just finish his book 'Time Between". 
Great read about a storied time.  This Links to his The Absolute Sound interview.

Bette Nesmith Graham
Musician Michael Nesmith, of the 1960's Monkees, solo work is very impressive. 
But that's a story for another time.  This story is about his mother Bette Nesmith Graham.
It's a story that pops up every decade or so.  Select this Link to 'The Hustle'.
Stirling Trayle
This AudiophileReview.com story highlights the expert skill of Stirling Trayle. 
I met Stirling back in the 1990's in his stint with T+A audio. 
People like Stirling inspire the rest of us to reach higher.

Keith Yates Design
Keith Yates has been a local Northern California legend since the 1980's.
This CEPro story presents his latest award winning installation. Check it out.

Grphene Electrostatic Speaker
GraphAudio's CEO outlines how graphene will lead to a more efficient "low" cost electrostatic speaker.
It's scheduled for release in in 2022.  Select this link to Graphene-info.com

Your brain can interpret an image beyond 8K resolution. 
That's the claim of this story at EFTM.com
AI Upscaling
This story from techradar outlines the history of upscaling lower resolution video to display on HD, UHD, and 8K televisions. 
The recent addition of artificial intelligence is also explained.  Select this link to techradar.

Electrical Ground
This CEPro story discusses the importance of good grounding. 
Although the focus is on a higher-end installation, much of this discussion can also apply to more modest projects.
Select this link to CEPro.
Jeff Boccaccio
Read and consider this story before you pre-wire your next install.  
QNED Nano Rod
Is this say goodbye to QD-LED before it reaches the retail floor?   Maybe not -- but QNED will substitute QD-LED organic LEDs for inorganic LEDs.  The story doesn't refer to the new 'Nano-Rod' LEDs as inorganic.  Check out this story at IANDROID.EU

Goodbye OLED?
The better take is goodbye LCD.  In any case, Samsung's QD-OLED will take us to the next generation of television technology.  
Check out this Tom's Guide story.

HDMI Guide
HDMI 2.1
Audioholics the online AV magazine has published an HDMI 2.1 guide. 
Check out this story at Audioholics.com.

HDMI 2.1 Link Training
DPL Labs
Your HDMI cabling may trigger Link Training, which downgrades video resolution.
DPL Labs recommends you prepare customers for probable required upgrades.
Select this LINK for the story.

MPEG H.266
A new video compression standard is officially on its way. VCC reduces data requirements by around 50%.
VCC will provide faster video transmission.  But you will need to upgrade your video source devices.
Select these links for more information:  Fierce Video  and TVTechnology.

"Cocaine & Rhinestones"
Tyler Mahan Coe
If your music interest lie in Country, Americana, Folk, Rock; then you have to check out this podcast. 
Tyler Mahan Coe's "Cocaine & Rhinestones".  It's described as a history of country music.  But the podcast is more than history.  It's back stage almost abandoned true stories told by the son of country musician David Allan Coe.  These are stories that extend way beyond popular documentaries.  Here's the Link

Home Network Guide
Home IT Router
Integrating streaming audio/video sources with the AV system via a computer network router
has become common. Wireless WiFi is the 'buzz'. Yet hard wire connection is often more reliable. 
This HomeTheaterReview story offers an introductory network qualifying guide.

FCC Changes Off-Air Channels Frequencies
Please Stand By
This story will affect many markets.  Some will view this as a negative situation. 
But this an opportunity to show why your customers need you.  Select this Link for this CEPro story. 

Thorens Reel to Reel
Thorens Reel-to-Reel
If your of my vintage, you're going to like this story. 
And apparently reet-to-reel and cassette recordings are having a successful run.
Check it out at this link CEPro.

HD TV Antenna?
TV Antenna
The big box and many on-line offerings can be amusing.  
There is no such thing as an HD TV antenna.  This story at TechHive is just a reminder.  If you're looking for an off-air "TV" antenna, then return to old stalwarts such as Winegard.com.

What Every Blank Audio Cassette Needs
Teac Cassette Deck
In a follow up to the news regarding audio cassettes making a come back;
here's a story about a NEW Tascam (Teac) cassette deck from ITNews.com.

Audio Cassettes Back in Business, What!?
I'm not sure what to make of this story. 
Apparently the old analog cassette tape is riding on the coattails of the vinyl renaissance. 
I do miss the old analog stuff.  It was fun.  
Check out this story at Installation/AVTechnologyEurope.com

It's About Time
MQA Logo
The human ear is more sensitive to phase (time) than frequency.  This is the weak link of the Sony/Phillips CD and other digital formats. 
Bob Stuart's Meridian CD players have included phase band-aids since the 1990's. And now phase accuracy is a foundation of Mr. Stuart's MQA format which is implemented in the recording studio.  This is a big deal.  Select this Link. AudiophileRevicw.com for the story.

How many Shure M91EDs did you mount?
Shure M91ED
This question is aimed at the gray hairs in my audience. 
Shure will no longer manufacturer phono cartridges. Time moves on. 
Select this LINK to What HiFi for the story.

Is Your Audio System Set Up Wrong?
As in life, audio facts are often less than convenient. 
This is a to a story by Steven Stone at Audiophile Review.com about where to place up your gear.
Hint, avoid resonant peaks.

A must read by Robert Harley, about MQA ... " ... a revolution that comes once in a lifetime."
This a digital revolution, "By comparison ... conventional PCM is a crude & inefficient method of encoding audio."
Select this LINK to TheAbosoluteSound for the story.

Loudspeaker Cookbook
Much as the author of this story (Brent Butterworth), it has been three decades since I first read Vance Dickanson's "The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook".  If you're looking for a reference that sums up speaker design choices; then pick up a copy or at least read Mr. Butterworth's outline of the 'Cookbook' at this link to hometheater review.com.

Human Hearing Beats Uncertainty Limit

Human Ear
This story at ars/technica.com demonstrates that human hearing exceeds what the most advanced technologies can measure. 
This is yet more evidence that we do hear what we hear; though many still insist that we don't. 

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This outlines your custom speaker installation options.

The Next Wave #1
The Next Wave #2 / Channels of Distribution
The Next Wave #3 / UltraHD, 8K UHD, HDR
The Next Wave #4 / OLED, IOLED, Contrast Ratio

Keep Pace
Keeping pace with our industry and technology is essential.
AV Pros need reliable sources of information.

Terms such as audiophile, video-phile, or custom AV pro
do not adequately characterize the skill of my late friend Steve.

How to choose a retail location in 9 steps.

Fidelity without truth?
I expect to be lied to by sleazy laywers and politicians,
but I draw the line at my high fidelity audio/video world.

UltraHD HDR Primer
- all 7 Parts
  Part 1 Set the Table
  Part 2 Buzzword Noise Reduction
  Part 3 HDR Format War
  Part 4 The HD Multimedia Interface
  Part 5 More HDMI Tips
  Part 6 UltraHD Sources
  Part 7 System Compatibility

Adventures in AV Land Part 2  'Wipe out the noise'
Ed enlists the words of Peter Gabriel to examine an issue that plagues our business. 

Adventures in AV Land Part 1
This is a trip down sales-rep memory lane that reflects on the definition and understanding of stereo audio. It concludes with a request. 

I Am A Salesman
I am offended by those who have stained the reputations of  professional sales folks. 

Ray Davies
Artist such as Ray Davies are largely why I entered this business.
This is a story about another great evening of music.

Why It Matters
Did you hear that?  
It's the sound of groans responding to my previous blog.

Mis-mixed audio concepts
Old Tumblr blog

Where Have All My AV Friends Gone?
Old Tumblr blog.

The Bully
Old Tumblr blog

Not Invented Here
Old Tumblr blog

Pet Peeve
Advertising is not Marketing.

How to compete with a big box
Old Tumblr Blog

Eavesdropping at the big box store
Old Tumblr Blog

Bad Chili 
David jokingly referred to audiophiles as audio.... piles. 

Baseball and Selling Audio / 3 Part Blog
Part 1 - 'Clear the Mechanisms'
Part 2 - 'Get you signs'.
Part 3 - 'The windup and the pitch.'

In Defense of Snake Oil
Old Tumblr Blog

In Four Parts / The Holy Trinity of HiFi Audio
(old tumblr blog)
Part 1 - Noise
Part 2 - Noise continued.
Part 3 - Frequency Response
Part 4 - Phase

Ed's AV Handbook   
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