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And the AV NEWS you should know follows .....

How many Shure M91EDs did you mount?
This question is aimed at the gray hairs in my audience.  Shure will no longer manufacturer phono cartridges.  Time moves on.  Select this LINK to What HiFi for the story.

Baseball has the answers
You can find answers to most problems in baseball.  I found this story at SmartBrief.com.
describing how Bruce Bochy, manager of the San Francisco Giants, influences people not data.
Select this Link to the story.

33ft x 18ft LED Screen
Digital files have replaced film.  Will big TV video walls replace the projector?
Check out this Link to TheHollywoodReporter

Are 8K TVs Are Coming?
I know, you're still working out the UHD issues.  
Select this LINK to Twice.com for the story.

Is Your Audio System Set Up Wrong?
As in life, audio facts are often less than convenient.  This is a to a story by Steven Stone at Audiophile Review.com about where to place up your gear.  Hint, avoid resonant peaks.

Plastic Fiber Optic Cable
It's tougher ... pull it or bend it .... and it's available with detachable HDMI or Display Port termination in lengths from 1 to 100 meters.  Check out this story at CEPro.

Security Concerns Dog Huawei
This is not strictly an AV themed story; But in this age of so called "smart" devices we humans may just have to be smarter.  The security issue isn't mentioned until several paragraphs into this story at cnet.com.

MPEG vs The Streaming World
The Motion Picture Experts Group - MPEG - has been the steward of home video compression
for decades.  This is the scheme that allows you to view most of your home video sources.
Their dominance may be in jeopardy.  The 'streaming world of video' is moving toward alternative compression standards.  This is a behind the scene battle that AV Pros should be aware of.  Select this LINK to ibc.org for the story. 

On the Lookout for HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 48Gbps bandwidth has many AV Pros nervous; and for good reasons.  Fortunately
Jeff Boccaccio is a 'go to' source for accurate HDMI news.  Select this CEPro LINK where Mr. Boccaccio lays out key issues and probable time line for the HDMI 2.1 roll out.  

LG's New UHD 2018 TVs
My blog 'UltraHD Risky Crossroad' (July 2015) offered a list of 
UltraHD TV needs and wants.  
At the time no TV fulfilled the list.  
I followed with a 7 part update in 2017.  It highlighted the lack of support for all major HDR formats. The new 2018 LG OLED UHD TVs do. The new LG's also include 120fps frame rate via USB which opens the door to virtual and augmented reality. Select this avsForum.com link for more information.

New Speaker Technology?
Since the first decades of the 20th century
, there has not been a truly new speaker technology. Although this contradicts the claims on reams of printed paper, radio waves, and video frames by advertisers and those who repeat the hype; it's true.  However that may soon change.  Check out this story at New Atlas.com.  A new technology uses thermo acoustics via the use of graphene as opposed to a moving mechanical diaphragm.  Wait --- I forgot about plasmatronics.  Well at least this eliminates the helium tanks. 

ATSC 3.0 Audio
Video capability, naturally, has been the focus of the new ATSC 3.0 over the air broadcast standard. But how about the audio?  This story at HomeTheaterReview.com outlines the prospect of its multi-channel audio future.  Will it be Dolby AC4 or MPEG-H?  Select this LINK for the story.

Spiky Glass Cones
This is a cool story from NewAtlas.com.  Etching nanoscale cones into glass ... eye glasses, smart phones, and solar panels ... reduces glare, produces more power.  Select this LINK to the story.

It's Official - HDMI 2.1
HDMI 2.1 with 48 Gbps bandwidth has officially been released.  
Keep up with this because it will affect your installations.  Your 'old' installations do not support this. Select this LINK to the AVSForum

DTS Virtual: X
DTS Virtual:X delivers surround and above sound without rear and above speakers.
However the real news in this CEPro story is fewer than 30% of consumers with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X receivers connect any height speakers.  Even more surprising is that fewer than 48% connect rear speakers.  If true, should consumers re-allocate their dollars into purchasing higher power stereo receivers with two larger speakers.  Big speakers and more power is more fun than a bunch of small in-ceiling speakers.    

FCC Authorizes ATSC 3.0
ATSC 3.0, the new over-the-air broadcast television standard, has been adopted by the FCC.  
ATSC 3.0 will deliver UltraHD High Dynamic Range video via roof-top TV antennas.  
However, it is not backward compatible with current digital tuners.  Check out this story at TVTechnology.com and get prepared to answer consumer questions.

Brick-n-Mortar Retail Rules
Online sales and the demise of large retailers may dominate the headlines.  But in truth physical brick-n-mortar still dominates retail sales.  I found this Residential Systems story via Media Delivery Strategies' head honcho Glen O'Brien at LinkedIn.  

Flying Burritos
Can this be heaven?  Just add a Dos Equis XX, and cue up Chris Hillman, Graham Parsons and company.  Select this Link now.

Protect Your Business from Fraud
My daughter's employer payroll account was recently hacked.  Fraud is not a new subject.  
It has always haunted our hallways and byways.  This Forbes.com story offers some guidelines to protect your business.

5G Wireless
Cell phone service is moving towards a faster broader bandwidth 5G network.
This story from venturebeat.com outlines how this 5th generation of cell service will be a big deal in the near future. 

It's The Demo Dummy
Customers will buy exciting customized musical and cinema experiences.  

So stop talking tech and just start the movie -- play the music.  
This CEPro interview retells an old story.

136" Real LED TV
This RGB LED TV may someday replace home theater projectors and screens. Similar to Sonys' CLEDIS and Samsungs Cinema Screen, this TV from Digital Projection is another step toward displays that consist of real red, green, and blue sub-pixels.  Select this Link to AVSForum.com    

FREE - 25,000 78 RPM Records
This LINK to newsworks.com reports on an interesting source to a musical 'way-back-machine'.
Check out the musical gems that lie in this free site: George Blood/The Great 78 Project

Looking for a new career?

This dizzying TVTechnology.com story may lead to the career change you've been looking for.

Dynamic Glass
"Light, Aziz light" .... Light is the prime element of home theater video.  Short of eliminating windows --- window covering is still a primary method of controlling competing sources of light. Dynamic glass is a cool alternative.  This LINK to ElectronicHouse.com tells the story.  

Computer audio for beginners
Michael Lavorgna at AudioStream.com offers help for the computer audio novice with this series of articles:
Computer audio 101, Download sites, Files & formats, Files sizes & storage, Fixing your metadata, NAS. Select this LINK.

Independents thrive as big boxes dive
Independent dealers are fairing well across the land.
This LINK to Twice.com tells the story.

UltraHD Mess
18Gbps HDR UltraHD video at 60Hz sources with expanded deep color are finally arriving.

But m
any so-called UltraHD '4K' products that consumers have handsomely paid for will not reproduce it.  And here's another wrinkle -- DPL Labs discovered that any component in the system, even an UHD HDR disc, may reduce 18Gbps video to 8.91Gbps.  Select this LINK to this DLP Labs Jeff Boccaccio story at CEPro.  And get ready for some angry phone calls.  

LG OLED wins Annual TV shootout

To put in another way -- LCD looses again.
Select this LINK for the story at AVSforum.com

77 inch flexible transparent OLED
LG keeps the OLED ball rolling. This commercial product is the kind of product that can casually leak into custom home theaters.  Check out this story at Twice.com.

LCD resolution tripled?
Check out this phrase, "surface morphology-induced, polorization-dependent plasmonic resonance"
. Essentially this is a new technique that converts LCD RGB sub-pixels into stand alone RGB pixels. Read this story at digital trends.com for the details.

Real 2020 Red
The C.I.E. 2020 color specification is the holy grail of video color.  This outlines a General Electric LED technology that produces C.I.E. 2020 red.  This opens the door to C.I.E. 2020 red, green, and blue displays. This story at AVSforum also offers a great description of the light emitting diode.

Do not confuse this QLED with Samsung's faux QLED.  And this "Q" is not the "Q" of quantum dots. This is an "Electroluminescent Inorganic LED" display.  Although it's only a prototype; this technology is advancing at a fast pace.  Check out the full story at this link to AVSforum.  

Ferroelectret Nanogenerator, or FENG, is an ultra thin transducer that may morph into a talking newspaper, roll up radio, foldable speaker, noise canceling 'sheet', or who knows.  Check out the story at the dailymail.co.uk.

HDR Color Volume
LCD TV color has greatly improved.  Some can now compete with plasma and OLED.  This is another story from AVSforum that outlines the color facts.

More Support for MQA
Is MQA to audio as HDR is to video?  I hope so.  
This is another hometheater.com story outlining the growing support for MQA. 

MQA News
The list of MQA partners is growing.  This story from hometheater.com updates the list.

Home Theater Review's Jerry Del Colliano takes on home automation's favorite buzzword 'voice control'.  Regarding Amazon's Alexa he began with, "The world is your oyster.  Hell, you can even order a dozen oysters while you at it."  So why did he ultimately give this technology a thumbs down. Select this link to Why I Won't Be Seduced by Alexa.

Best TV Ever
Is LG W7 OLED TV the best consumer TV ever?  Well, Scott Wilkinson of the AVSForum.com thinks so.  And he's no rookie.  Read his story.  

HDMI 2.1 News  This Robert Archer story at CEPro offers a link to an informative webinar and post seminar quotes regarding your HDMI 48G cable future.  The gist of the story is don't panic ..... Yet.

Mono or Stereo This is a link to a RareRecords.net Blog by Charlie Essmeier. Charlie reviews
classic recordings released in mono and stereo.  This is a must read for the record collector.

Sony has announced the pricing and release dates of their new OLED TVs.  
Select this Link to TWICE.com for the story.

Samsung QLED
This is a 'Q' not 'O' LED display.  The Q is a film of quantum dots wrapped around an LCD panel. This may be a better LCD TV.  But the back lighting is still always on.  Read this story at Pocket-lint.com for more info.  

The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
Much as the author of this story - Brent Butterworth, It has been three decades since I first read Vance Dickanson's "The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook".  If you're looking for a reference that sums up speaker design choices; pick up a copy or at least read Mr. Butterworth's outline of the 'Cookbook' at this link to hometheater review.com.

The Q in QLED denotes quantum dots.  Quantum dots are individual electro-illuminated points of light. As plasma or OLED, the 'Dots' offer a illuminating range from off to full brightness.  
To this point they have been used to fix the blue leaning color of LCD/LED back lighting.  
This C/Net story confirms that Samsung may be developing real QLED panels.  
This is good TV news.  

The UltraHD 4K Mine Field
Many consumers who thought they bought real UltraHD are going to be disappointed.  
As true 4K 18GBps content arrives we find that we lack the wiring/switching infrastructure to support it.  Who's going to tell consumers the truth?  Check out this LINK at CE Pro.  
Jeff Boccaccio outlines this 4K UltraHD mine field.

Shape Changer
Screen masking has been a common choice for different projection screen aspect ratios for some time. But Screen Innovations has come up with a clever alternative that I have not seen before.
Select this LINK to Electronic House for the story.

HDMI Cable Mess
Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs used the phrase "Plug & Pray" as he discussed the future of HDMI cables and UltraHD HDR installations.  Select this LINK to CEPro for this story.

Musical Origami  
This is a must read by Robert Harley of TheAbsoluteSound about MQA " ..... a revolution that comes once in a lifetime".  This is a digital audio revolution.  He stated that, “By comparison ... conventional PCM is a crude and inefficient method of encoding audio.”  Select this LINK Now!

Digital & Noise
This is a link to an AudioStream.com report by Michael Lavorgna.  It is not an easy read for the novice. But it is important to anyone interested in better sound.  It deals with EMI and RF noise 'produced' by digital cables and digital devices.  Mr. Lavorgna stated, "The simple takeaway I'd like to highlight is the fact that digital cables are not immune to noise and this noise can directly impact
the quality of an analog signal in an attached analog device."  
Remove or reduce the noise and your system will sound better.

Very Cool DSP!
I have a cautious attitude towards the use of DSP equalization.  This story from The New Yorker outlines Meyer Sound's use of digital processing in rooms ranging from a concert hall to a restaurant. In the right hands DSP is art. 

Human Hearing Beats Uncertainty Limit
This story at ars/technica.com demonstrates that human hearing exceeds what the most advanced technologies can measure.  This is yet more evidence that we do hear what we hear; though many still insist that we don't. 


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