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Chapter Nine
AV Sales Training

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Batting practice for the audio/video pro and a primer for the novice 

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Knowledge creates poised confidence.  
Lack of knowledge generates anxiety.
Bob Dylan put it another way.
“… I know my song well before I start singing.”

The Objective
          Take control of your professional life and close more sales with a personal marketing plan that assesses its results and prescribes adjustments.

Compass Heading
          All business activity should be oriented toward inviting customers to do business with the business.  The ultimate face of that activity is the sales person.  And the sales person's job is to consummate that activity with a closed sale.  

Business Landscape
          This journey opens with a survey of the business landscape:
               - Who are your customers?  
               - What are their interests?  
               - Where do they live?
           Commit the answers with pen to paper or keyboard to word page.  

ontinue with an assessment of
business spheres that your, or any business, cannot control.
your answers to your game plan page.
                - Assess the national economic climate.
                        Refer to national finance media.
                - Assess the local economy.
                         Check out local real estate sales and local automotive dealers.
                         Each is a reasonable indicator of the local business climate.
                -  Assess the competition:
ake a friendly visit to your competitors. Who and were are they?  
                          What do they do well and/or poorly?
 You may be surprised by what a
                          handshake and a smile will unearth. 

The Four P's of Marketing
          Next, review the spheres of business that your company can absolutely control --
the four “P's” of place, product, price, and promotion.

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 1. Place - Assess your location. Can customers find you and what will they find?
 2. Product - Examine your product lines.  What are their competitive edges?
 3. Price - Are your prices competitive, high, low? Do you add value?
 4. Promotion - Evaluate your advertising, store front signage, displays, and staff.

Add the 'Four P' results to your game plan page.

Personal 4P Tactical Plan
          You have appraised your customers, surveyed the economic climate, canvassed the competition, and assessed your company.  Use this appraisal-survey-assessment to lay the ground for your personal 4 P tactical plan:

1. Place - Prepare your sales floor as your selling stage.
2. Product - Take a daily inventory of what's in stock.  Practice product demonstrations.
3. Price - Clearly communicate and justify your prices as your demonstrations proceed.
4. Promote - Be who your company's promotional messages claim you are.  
                        And Read 'A Sale in Five Steps' on the next page.

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Batting Practice for the AV Pro and a Primer for the Novice.
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