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Chapter Six
The Room, Speaker, & TV
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Batting practice for the audio/video pro and a primer for the novice

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Digital is the buzz, but analog rules.

          Digital is the buzzword that dominates discussions of audio and video systems.  Yet in the real world three non-digital elements define the potential of an audio/video system's performance: the Room, the Speaker System, and the TV.
          Ultimately you cannot hear or see the zeros or ones of any digital audio or video source. Digital audio and video must be converted to analog light on a video display and analog sound from a speaker.  In addition, the room that they are placed in has a significant effect on both.  This essay inspects each of these non-digital elements.
          However one additional tangential element, the room's aesthetics, should be considered at the outset.  Caution here can avert a perilous consequence; particularly if you are closely related to your interior designer (read spouse).  The following is a short list of design ideas to get your design team into an agreeable creative mood. 

Movie Emphasis – Create an opulent 1930s movie theater.  Install theater seats, curtains, sconces, ticket booth, theater lighting, and a snack bar with a popcorn machine and soda fountain.

Music Emphasis – Imagine a room with the elegance of a grand symphony hall.  Picture the scaled atmosphere of a rock, blues, jazz, or folk club.  How about the commercial industrial look of a recording studio?

Sports Emphasis – Create a ballpark luxury box.  Install a counter with stools facing 
a large home theater screen.  Frame the screen as a window with a view to the field.  
Display team pendants, photos, and other sports paraphernalia.  Multiple broadcasts via additional TV monitors hung from your box can create the ultimate sports video system.

Literary Emphasis – Create the comfy, relaxed, and warm environment of a scholarly private library.  A roomful of book-filled shelves and plush furniture will also deliver good acoustical diffusion and absorption.  Plus the bookshelves provide storage for records, tape, compact discs, DVDs, and BluRay discs.

A Family Room Although the ideal situation is a dedicated room that originates on 
an architect’s board; a typical family room can also work well as a home theater/music room. Place your seating, speakers, and TV in a comfortable and sociable arrangement.  But where practical, adhere to the guidelines that follow on TV and speaker placement, acoustical issues, and techniques for generating high performance video.

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Batting Practice for the AV Pro and a Primer for the Novice.
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